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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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14th-Mar-2019 03:43 pm - Homeschool Prom.
When I started homeschooling I never worried about my kids missing traditional school milestones like prom or graduation. They weren't high on my priorities list.

Turns out, with Prom at least, there are plenty of organized ladies who do prioritize such things in the homeschool community. So, with minimal effort on my part, S and H went to prom last year.

This year I have three kids going to prom. The girls talked up last year's so much, the boy decided to go with them this year. After some time to adjust, and make the boy try on fancy clothes to confirm he was serious about this sudden change of heart, I have found a peace with this decision.

This will be H's last prom, as she is graduating from our homeschool this year. If C has a good time he could manage 6 proms before he's done, beating out S's plan to attend 4.
12th-Mar-2019 11:28 pm - Violin and Piano.
S and C were playing around with their respective instruments. They started off with Row Row Your Boat, took a tangent into an argument about slurs and holds as they relate to piano vs violin, then ended up on the Star Wars theme song.

This whole process started fairly late and ended up even later. I didn't have the heart to interrupt, it seemed like a good trade: sleep for sibling bonding time.
12th-Mar-2019 06:23 pm - Politics and Economics.
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been spouting idiocy on a regular basis lately. She seems to have an inflated opinion of her own self-importance, and an abysmal understanding of basic economics (particularly for a person with an economics degree - BU should be mortified to be associated with her). The most frightening thing is how many Democrats are falling all over themselves trying to hitch themselves to her wagon.

Happily, PragerU has taken issue with her perspective on Capitalism and provided a succinct video which I am pleased to share.

Capitalism vs Socialism.
8th-Mar-2019 12:26 pm - Milestones.
We now have 4 liscensed drivers in the family.
6th-Mar-2019 05:38 pm - Voice Chat.
The boy has discovered how to voice chat with some of the multiplayer online games he plays. It is strange to hear one sided animated conversations emanating from his room.
5th-Mar-2019 07:19 pm - Playground.
C is participating in the tride and true tradition of playing with random kids at a playground. The weather after his evening karate class is almost nice enough to pull this off.

My two regrets:

I didn't bring my sweater and it is a touch too chilly for me to be comfortable in short sleeves.

I didn't remember promising C could do this while there was still enough time to grab some chocolate to bring with me.
4th-Mar-2019 04:36 pm - Orville.
H didn't have to work on Saturday. This was the first time in forever that this happened without her specifically requesting the day off.

As a result, we all got to watch an episode of The Orville. It's the only show we watch as a family. I don't think I've ever liked a show this much that makes me feel so bad. As S said, "It makes me feel things."

The last two episodes were amazing*.

*ETA: For my future reference, the season 2, two parter, featuring Issac's people.
28th-Feb-2019 03:36 pm - Thursday.
It's strange when a day I have to drive the boy 35 minutes to his karate class feels like a down day just because I don't have any other pressing obligations.
27th-Feb-2019 02:26 pm - Teen Soda Social.
Lady running teen group, "Do you want to join us over here?"

Me, "Naw, I'm going to be anti social today."

Lady running teen group, nervous laugh.

I'm not usually that honest, but as S pointed out when I was raging a wee bit more than normal at the idiot drivers in front of me on the way here, I've been grouchy lately.

Maybe it's because I'm still worn out from going to Ren Faire on Sunday. Maybe it's because my leg has been bothering me more lately. Maybe it's because someone on Facebook, with whom I'm not allowed to argue, has been sharing stupid memes at a higher frequency.

Either way, being social at this teen get together, isn't strictly necessary.

Realistically, I am not going to become long term friends with any of these ladies. Once my obligations as homeschool Mom are over, I will never hang out with the Soda Shop crowd. They like structure to their homeschooling, gardening, hiking, and the like. None of them value gaming enough to bring their kids to my gaming days, which might have given us a point of commonality. They also never show up to any get together I plan if there is not an organized activity attached. Plus, they are boring.

S is currently sitting with a group of girls, but she's immersed in her phone. C lucked out, and a boy he gets along with really well showed up. They are engaged in animated conversation.
26th-Feb-2019 04:24 pm - S Update.
S did fine with her PowerPoint presentation. She said we way over stressed about it. The other two presenters threw theirs together the night before and during one of them the professor did half the talking.

S's went about like she practiced, except she didn't have access to the notes section, because the professor was controlling the computer. At one point she paused long enough trying to remember what to say that he switched to the next slide before she was ready. She said she just went with it and moved forward in her presentation.
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