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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
Opa's Puppies. 
26th-Feb-2014 04:21 pm
In a phenomenal lapse in judgement (critical fail of my wisdom roll, I believe), I agreed to foster two puppies for my Father-In-Law, for two months.

It does mean cute puppy pictures, though:

opa's puppies 091

opa's puppies 125

opa's puppies 165

opa's puppies 179

Their mother is a black lab, their father is a sneaky neighbor dog. Opa wanted good German names, so the brown one is Hanz and the black one is Otto. M wanted to name them Panzer and Stuka.
28th-Feb-2014 10:36 pm (UTC)
I understand that the "sneaky neighbor dog" was also a pure bred lab that a neighbor had obtained for breeding with a different female.
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