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Geez, go away for one weekend, and come back to the news that, yet again, someone's guns are being grabbed. It turns out a blogger, who likes to play guitar and exercise his free speech rights, found out that Massachusetts isn't very free after all - I know, I know, that should have already been pretty obvious to anyone paying attention. But it's different when it happens to you.

I started reading up about it midnight last night, running on way too little sleep, after getting up at 6am to drive many hours back home.

I've been going round and round in my head about how to write a blog post about all of this. I keep coming back to a passage from a collection of diaries written by children during World War II. ("Children in the Holocaust and World War II" compiled by Laurel Holliday) Eva Heyman, a 13 year old Jewish girl who ended up murdered by the Nazis, wrote in her diary about her bike - "Today they came for my bicycle...My bicycle had proper license plate, and Grandpa had paid the tax for it. That's how the policemen found it, because it was registered at City Hall that I have a bicycle."

It's scary, TJIC's being investigated for his suitability (their word) to have a firearms license because of a blog post. I've argued before, quite recently actually, about gun ownership being a right. Once you have to ask permission, get your permit, pay your tax, register your gun, you have tacitly agreed that you are turning your right into a privilege, one that can be revoked - for whatever reasons the powers that be want to use.

It comes down to that whole permission from the government sort of thing. Given that there are still a few states out there where you don't have to ask for a gun owner's permit, I don't get living in one where you do, if you value your freedoms. You played the game, you asked permission, you agreed to the user agreement, you let a right turn into a privilege, so don't be surprised when the government revokes that privilege.

It sucks, but why play the game? The government cheats. Take your toys and go home. I wonder what a mass exodus from the less free states would do to their economies?
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