It seems lots of folks don't want to listen to the CDC anymore.



Given both of these recent developments, I've decided it is impossible but to conclude that 90% of the customers at the Trader Joe's during my shopping trip today are unvaccinated. Funny, I always figured the Trader Joe's type to be way more pro Vax than that.

Going forward, I will veiw all masked people (besides the over 75 set, I figure they can be as over cautious as their little old hearts desire) through this lens.

ETA: The Babylon Bee may have come up with an even better explanation for my experience today: all the masked TJ shoppers were Libertarians.


Progress or Stubbornness?

Yesterday C and I went on two 1/2 mile walks. That's the most I've walked in one day in over a month.

Today we went on a 1/2 mile walk and then later a full 1 mile walk.

I am unsure if this is more a reflection of physical improvement on my part or of sheer stubbornness born of being sick and tired of being in pain.


Some parts of my back/legs/tailbone have been hurting for over a month now and I am getting sick of it. The exact areas of pain vary enough to occasionally give me some relief, but generally just give me a great amount of aggravation.

Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen, in combination, do a good job of pain suppression, but then I'll overdo it and feel worse the next day, so I try to keep the pain meds to a minimum. Plus, I really don't want to do long term damage to my liver or kidneys. Luckily my heat pads can help.

C and I still walk every day, but it's become a slow half mile hobble, rather than the brisk 1 3/4 mile jaunt that had become our normal. He is biking more now to add to his daily exercise, though.

Generally, standing doesn't hurt as much, unless it's for too long, then I start to ache. Sitting is pretty much out of the question, though I can squat down for a few minutes at a time, sometimes. I've been rating the pain on a scale of 1 to 10 in my mind, and I don't usually get up to an 11 or 12, though it has been known to happen. Laying flat on my back, with my legs slightly elevated, on a combination of three heatpads is usually my best bet, though it's hard to get stuff done like that.

New Truck.

We traded in M's mustang on a new truck for me. 2020 F-150 STX. Nicest truck I've ever owned. C said it's the nicest truck he's ever touched. We've been following Dave Ramsey's financial advice for a couple of decades now, so, of course, we paid cash.

We're thinking of calling him Big Blue.

Ghost and Park Day.

This is the perfect intensity of interaction I need from my cat right now. The hanging out in the same room with me, but requiring zero from me otherwise.

I am burnt out. Huge turnout at the park today. Great for the kids, but the number of parents tipped into critical mass for social overload.

Plus, you get enough mothers together and they drift into boring topics like gardening or going to the movie theater.

Dystopian Nightmare LA Version.

LA Unified School District is embracing the dystopian nightmare of our times. The cartoon aimed at families and children starts at the 2 minute mark, unfortunately I couldn't find a handy link with just the cartoon. Though the awkwardly acted PSA about the Daily Pass is bad enough in it's entirety, the cartoon drives home the continued horrifying destruction of childhood and personal freedoms, likely coming to a community near you. It should be parody, but it's real.