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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
20th-Nov-2019 02:48 pm - Rain.
Boy just ran out the door shouting about the rain. Then I heard "woohoo!" repeated several times followed by singing.
18th-Nov-2019 03:29 pm - Horse Riding.
The ferrier came today, and since it was the trim before Christmas I had him trim Junior too. My thought process, even though Junior barely ever needs a trim, was I was handing the ferrier the same wad of cash (Christmas bonus time) regardless of how many of my horses he worked on so I might as well have him do them all. Plus, it's finally nice enough to start riding again and freshly trimmed hooves are easier to pick.

As my loyal readers may remember, last summer I mysteriously injured my back or hip in a way that caused a lot of problems with my left leg. It still isn't 100%, but this is the first time in over a year my leg felt good enough to ride.

I took a turn, then C had a ride. C managed a canter several times, and was very pleased with the whole affair.
11th-Nov-2019 10:56 am - Convention.
I went to a local SciFi Convention with the kids this weekend, while M flew off to go to a different one. His was larger, and more fun for him, so other than the 8 hour delay on his return flight he might have wanted to do this again next year. Best news, he got to be present for the handfasting of some dear friends; especially nice since we were not forewarned of the impending nuptials.

The kids and I had a good time at our Con and have aleady registered for next year. C spent most of his time in the gaming room, though he did go to a couple of panels which he enjoyed. He cosplayed as Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood.

H and S helped me make critical mass for filking. H played Hope Eyrie on flute while the whole room sang along and it sounded wonderful. H was her necromancer cospay on Saturday, with her assistant Doctor Plagious the white rat.

S cosplayed her Tiefling, complete with red makeup. We lucked out on her work schedule: Friday 10-2, and Sunday 7-10. Three weeks on the job and she accidentally got a schedule conducive to going to the whole Convention.
31st-Oct-2019 10:06 pm - Finishing Off Inktober. Days 24-31.
I was slow to post these, but I wanted to get the last of S's inktobers in before the actual October ended. So, just under the wire, her final 8 entries.



Darkstar, one of S's dragons.





30th-Oct-2019 09:34 am - Saturday.
Saturday morning started early with D&D with the twins. M came with us, since we had to go directly to a 4-H community club meeting from their house. H went straight home from the twins because she had work at 5pm. After what felt like an exceedingly long, drawn out, boring 4-H meeting, we picked up our final glass from the glass class. Then we booked it home since S had to work at 7pm. C, M, and I finished out the night at a Halloween party/filk.
24th-Oct-2019 02:13 pm - Growing Up.
I'm so proud of my girls.

Both have drivers licenses. Both get themselves to and from classes at the community college and are maintaining good grades.

S started her first shift of her first job today (DQ for those keeping score).

H is still working 4 to 5 evenings at her pizza job and is on her second day of modeling for the Life Drawing class. She is also making plans to move out in February. If all goes well, she will be sharing an apartment with a friend she met at the pizza job.
24th-Oct-2019 11:12 am - Inktober, Days 19-23.




21st-Oct-2019 01:56 pm - Inktober, Days 15-18.
S Inktobers.

A creatue from Monster Legends, a game she likes to play.

A battle against a wild pokémon.

She flatly refused to draw a Christmas ornament in October, so ended up with an ornamental sword.

Velveteen rabbit.
19th-Oct-2019 08:19 pm - Good thing Hubby is Handy.
This is the weekend for broken things:

Kitchen faucet.

Garage door.

My phone's screen (I've managed to downgrade to my older phone with port charging issues, until we can hopefully get my current one fixed. My contacts are a wee bit out of date, everything needs to be updated, and I'll have to be very careful about my battery charge, but at least I still have a phone.).

Red's battery connectors (at least we hope that's the only problem, S really needs him back up and running by Monday morning to get to class. At least Red was good enough to get us home before fully crapping out. Much better than being stuck at our glass class or at the gas station we stopped at on the way home to get ice cream.).

ETA: Hubby took care of 3 out of 4 of our broken things. Unfortunately his technical expertise does not extend to smart phone repair. Also, the battery life of my old phone is worse than I thought. It burns power quickly enough, that I may have to try to restrict it's use to just the functions of a phone. I certainly won't be able to have it continuously streaming radio with iheart, per usual. I may have to resort to using the actual radio to fill the silence.

ETA II: Add hubby's car to the list of broken things. His is even a drop it off at the mechanics fix, not a do it himself one.

My phone turned out to not be fixable. Good news, it didn't cost us anything to find that out. Weird news, I can get a used replacement from ebay for 80 dollars less than the repair would have cost if it worked. Bad news, anything saved to the phone, instead of the sd card, is likely lost forever. Annoying news, I hadn't backed up my contacts in over a year, so I have some work to do filling in some gaps. Slightly optimistic news, my batteries for my old phone are working better than I thought, so I'm tempted just to stick with it for a while.
15th-Oct-2019 11:29 am - Inktober, Days 10 through 14.
I've been getting a little behind on posting S's Inktober drawings.

This is a picture of one of S's dragons. Her name is Snow. Snow.

This is another of S's dragons, Shard.


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