Oct 17.


I got a new freezer. Supply chain finally caught up. When my old one died this summer there was a 2 to 3 month wait if we wanted to order one. This one was actually at the store. In an abundance of caution we did go to buy it in the morning as soon as we saw it was available.

Oct 15.


I've been being lazy about actually drawing my inktobers for the past couple of days. Once I make myself catch up on them, I'll post them in one big burst on a livejournal post.

I did flood day, and made a dent in my housework. C and I managed one loop on a bike ride. Dinner was fish fillets and tatertots.

I twigged my back.

Oct 13.


Extra long park/gaming day. Last day for a couple of the group members, since they are moving out of state. Only time will reveal if we lose more in a domino effect. Either way, we'll still be there. It would be nice if the weather caught up to the fact that it is mid October.

S and I rewatched the VP debate because we wanted to share it with H and she was working the night it aired. H timed it and S kept tally of various things during the debate, such as, interruptions, going off topic, how many responses each was allowed by the moderator, and incidences of kamalasplaining. It was revealing.

Oct 12.


So today is my day to catch up on stuff and attempt to wade through forms and paperwork and bureaucracy in a vain attempt to get things done.

Including this post I will have done 6 livejournal entries today, catching up for my laziness over the past week.

I got the boys an appointment to be fixed, scheduled for next week. This was likely the easiest part of my day, actually.

After many hours of slogging online, and phoning for help, I may have actually succeeded in getting S into a welding class for spring semester on a community college campus she hasn't attended before. Man I miss the pre-covid days when I could just go to a campus and ask a person for help, in person.

Inktober day 12: slippery.


Oct 11.


C made dinner. Teriyaki chicken.

M, S, C, and I watched some Stargate Atlantis. The second episode ended on a cliffhanger. C was particularly displeased with this development, especially since the next night to watch more isn't until Saturday.

Inktober day 11: disgusting.

I didn't particularly enjoy this topic. I put off drawing anything for it till this morning and even contemplated skipping it.

Oct 10.


H came over and we tried to figure out why her new tablet would neither work properly with her computer nor with photoshop.

The general conclusion, after getting everything working with M's laptop, is H needs a laptop upgrade. In the meantime we sent her home with M's.

Inktober day 10: hope.

It took me a long time to come up with anything I could draw to represent hope. The heart went over remarkably well on Instagram.

Oct 9.


Since I was feeling much better than the day before I ran lots of errands.

Inktober day 9: throw.

I'm really glad I was able to get away with just the ball being thrown without having to include the hand doing the throwing.