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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
19th-Jul-2019 02:53 pm - First Aid/CRP.
The kids and I took a First Aid/CPR class today. We all got our 2 year certification cards, but I came out of the whole experience mildly unsatisfied. No tests. Brief hands on for the CPR*. No hands on for the first aid. Way easier and less intensive than the classes I took 30 years ago.

Ah well, still something S can put on her job applications.

*By asking for the opportunity, we got to put in some extra hands on practice during the longer break. H felt better about the baby techniques after that and C practiced on the adult prop so energetically, we joked about him passing out.
16th-Jul-2019 09:39 pm - Gaming Group: Growing and Shrinking.
Our gaming group has grown to a healthy size over the past year. Several new homeschooling families moved into the area and a few of them have joined us and become regulars.

I've taken to calling S our teen liaison, though, driving home the other night after an eight hour marathon of glass and fire, I decided I could call her a founding member and declared her the president of our gaming club.

Today we had the unexpected news that one of our families is putting their kids in school starting Monday. They were lifelong homeschoolers, but the Dad suddenly decided they should try school. I'm very disappointed. The Mom is secretly disappointed, but she's going along with it and trying to stay positive for her two. We did exchange numbers and stayed an extra hour, because S chose this particular day to regale the dragon crazy girl of the pair with stories of her dragon creations, right down to their genetics.

Positive, the Mom is fully ready to yank the kids out if it goes horribly wrong. Other positive, we have tentative plans to meet up and hang out at a time conducive to a school schedule. So we'll see.
7th-Jul-2019 10:51 am - Busy Saturday.
Yesterday M and H worked on getting a couple of new tires for H's truck. This included H rescuing M when the spare broke apart 2 miles from the tire shop.

S and I went to open studio glass. Since this was likely our last open studio on a Saturday for a while, we stopped at a QT on the way home for 50 cent soft serve.

LepreCon was on Easter weekend this year, so I only prepped 6 eggs for a mini egg hunt. It took till yesterday evening to finally get around to that. C was particularly pleased that the eggs were filled with Cadbury mini eggs.

We managed to watch Megamind last night. M had never seen it before so he joined us. He was surprised that Will Ferrel could be in a movie and not ruin it. I posited that maybe the key was it was a voice acting part and not live action.

H has been watching YouTube shows dissecting and discussing the final season of Game of Thrones, so yesterday she she felt compelled to share.

I'm glad today is only Sunday, I have lots of laundry to catch up on.
1st-Jul-2019 04:25 pm - Job Hunt.
The main problem S seems to be facing is distinguishing herself from all the other faceless applicants filling out online applications. Even with paper ones, sometimes the only people she encounters are the associates with zero hiring power.

I'm fairly convinced that the reason H had two job offers so quickly, is she happened to collect and turn in her applications to the very people who could hire her at those two stores.

With that floating around in the back of my mind, I had S present herself to the three closest Subway Sandwiches on Friday, after completing their online applications a few days earlier. One took her name and number, one told her to come back Monday when their hiring manager would be on site, one gave her the hiring manager's name and told her to call the next morning.

The call the next morning was a bust; it turns out the hiring manager didn't come in on weekends. Instead, she added an extra Subway to visit this morning. As a result, she got an impromptu interview with the one she was told to call. The other one was very nice, but told her they were overstaffed, even with some folks quitting. Still, progress.

S thinks she was just tired enough for her normal nervousness to be asleep, so she talked a lot and felt pretty good about the whole thing.

Tomorrow we cut out from gaming day a little early, so she can make it to an open interview at a local Taco Hut (Combo Pizza Hut/Taco Bell).
26th-Jun-2019 01:49 pm - Avengers Endgame.
We finally managed to see Avengers Endgame last night. Amazingly, I managed to get zero spoilers in the two months since it first came out. For the sake of anyone who still hasn't seen it, this post will remain spoiler free.

C's back was bugging him enough he skipped karate and H wasn't scheduled to work, so when M got home I pitched the going to see Endgame idea. We had free tickets from the windshield repair people, so it was zero out of pocket. Unfortunately, the only showing near us was 9:55pm. I expect today really sucked for M, since we didn't get home till 1:30am. S and H had a free day, and C spent a few hours swimming and hanging out with a buddy, but given how tired he had to be he held it together pretty well.

I really enjoyed the movie. There were only one or two scenes that felt forced enough it pulled me out of suspension of disbelief. H and I have already worked out how those could have been done better, but no film is perfect, so it is what it is.

Tonight we're going to rewatch Tangled. I bought it a little while ago and we haven't seen it since it was in theatres. If we have time we'll also do Megamind.
25th-Jun-2019 06:07 pm - No Job Yet.
Poor S, no job yet. The other night, after filling out online applications that kept asking impossible to answer personality questions, S delared exasperatedly, "I'm 16 and I just want a job!"
24th-Jun-2019 03:30 pm - Trying Like The Devil.
My head is hurting too much to focus on forming coherent sentences in an entertaining manner, so here's some Aaron Watson instead.

ETA: Aaron Watson was on two of my radio programs today (a not terribly shocking development, since he was in studio and those particular shows run back to back in said studio), and while they were generally promoting his new album, this song was also mentioned. He wrote it after his baby girl died, so be warned if you don't want to feel the feels.

"Pack light and love heavy"
22nd-Jun-2019 09:52 am - Jumping through hoops.
The girls are working through an online safety driving course, since our insurance will knock off a chunk of our cost for insuring them if they do this. The intro to the program was all self congratulatory about how their methods lead to safer drivers, and oh, by the way, you should check with your insurer to see if you get a discount for completing the course. Why do you think we're here? How do you even think we found this place - from my husband bitching to our insurance agent about the horrifically high bill with two teens on the ticket.

They should finish up today.

Not looking forward to the bill in a couple of years once we have to add the boy, too. I have it on good authority that boys are way more expensive to insure than girls.
11th-Jun-2019 07:11 pm - Tooth extractions and other things.
Last week was kind of a blur. M came home early from work Tuesday complaining of dizziness, nausea, fever, and pain. Turns out he had an infection in one of his Wisdom teeth I didn't even realize hadn't already been pulled. He needed specialized surgery because of the root being located too near a nerve. He had a referral from our normal dentist, but he'd just sat on it till then. Wednesday morning we found a nearby dentist that could look at him same day. He went in for a consult, and by the time they figured out they could treat him, his specialist called back saying they could get him in on the 11th. We decided to stick with the new guy.

Bonus, M got his tooth done. Extra bonus, I got to watch 25 minutes of Captain Marvel in the waiting room. 20 minutes of the end followed by five minutes of the beginning. This gave me two things: enough of an understanding of the Captain Marvel character before seeing the latest Avengers movie, and a positive enough perspective of Fury to decide to start watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on Netflix. It has very little of Fury actually in it, but I love Coulson and Skye and am thoroughly enjoying binging it.

After the dentist, we grabbed S, so she could set up a checking account while M got his prescription filled. S will need a way to get payed by direct deposit once she lands a job (still nothing yet on that front) and M is now in the middle of a course of antibiotics.

Later that evening, S and I did out first 4 hour long fire/glass class. Exhaustion ensued.
6th-Jun-2019 05:35 pm - The Waiting Game.
Last Friday M took S around to collect job applications. After they got home, paper and online applications were completed. S took the online training to get her food handlers card; she passed with honors.

Last Saturday, M and S went the rounds again to turn in applications and touch base with those involved with applying online. Late Sunday she got a callback and an interview. She was told she'd hear back by today. Nothing so far; she figures she blew the interview. Oh well, experience is valuable.

Now we wait. This weekend we'll probably fill out more online applications, though I'm fairly certain those are a waste of time. If she gets no further leads by next Friday, M will widen the net, and take S to collect applications from places further from home.
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