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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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18th-Feb-2019 11:49 am - Children, Candy, and Chickens.
I love when the kids and I can do low key hanging out together stuff.

First we headed to the local grocery store to buy 75% off chocolate. This included some serious price-per-unit cost evaluation and some not so serious impulsing on quarter machine trinkets (S and H are now both safe from random vampire attacks).

After getting home we went outside to enjoy the rain, which led to feeding weeds to the baby chickens. Wobbles came by to love on the girls, and C collected Lemonhead for a quick cuddle.

I never got along this well with my siblings. Days like today give me hope for the future.
14th-Feb-2019 12:01 pm - Post For Valentine's Day.
I do not like nor do Valentine's Day, but I do like this post by Sarah Hoyt who does like Valentine's Day.
12th-Feb-2019 02:26 pm - Cranberry Sauce.
12 oz cranberries.
1 cup sugar.
.5 cup orange juice.
.5 cup water.

Dissolve sugar in water and orange juice by boiling for 5 mins.
Add sorted and rinsed berries.
Cook, stirring, for 10 mins, then reduce heat and sim w/o stirring for 5 mins.
11th-Feb-2019 06:44 pm - 3 roosting babies.
Tonight, three of the babies were roosting properly in the chicken house: Lemonhead, Krism, and Canary.

So we made a split, 3 in, 3 out.

The chickens seem fine with this arrangement.

H and C are disappointed, but seeing as the babies are 2 days shy of 11 weeks old, this was not a shocking development.
8th-Feb-2019 09:33 am - Another Sword Class.
After S had to trudge nearly an hour away to make it to her sword class on Wednesday, we found out there was a second class available at another location, with openings left, 15 minutes from our house.

Guess what H and C are doing this morning.
7th-Feb-2019 10:40 am - Cold.
This morning the back window of H's truck had ice on it. We are not equipped for that level of cold around here.

Several hours later and it's still icy cold, even in the sun. This will definitely be a record breaking sock wearing season for me this Fall/Winter.
Since the 2020 presidential election season seems to be off to a very early start, minimize your time on Facebook even more than usual. Also, your blood pressure would appreciate it if you stopped reading certain people's posts once you realize they are political. It's okay to stop mid-post, mid-sentence, even mid-word. Walk away from the trainwreck, you don't want to look at the mangled bodies. Trust me.
6th-Feb-2019 09:43 am - Sword.
M took S to her sword making class today. S decided making a sword was way more important than succumbing to her illness. She may skip Main Event on Monday, though, since laser tag involves a lot more running.

ETA: Hubby sent me a progress picture:

S decided on a Kris dagger.
5th-Feb-2019 10:13 am - Chicken Pic.
Rooftop cuddles.

Krism and Lemonhead.
3rd-Feb-2019 09:56 am - More Sick Kid.
Now middle child is sick. Lets see if she recovers in time to get up early on Wednesday to go to her sword making class. I knew signing up for a class two months in advance would come back to bite me in the butt.

Husband has even requested time off, since the original negotiations for doing this 5 hour class nearly as far away as husband's workplace, was he takes her.
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