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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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19th-Jun-2018 10:17 am - Shaved Ice.
Yesterday we were supposed to meet up with our teen group at a small shaved ice shop. It highly amused S that the draw of the place was organic and all natural.

Right before we pulled out of the driveway, I checked Facebook and found out that the shop (which a member of our group just visited a week before) was closed and looked like it was out of business. So, instead of driving 45 mins to an alternate location, we went down the road to a local icecream shop.

As it turned out, they had shaved ice, too. It probably wasn't organic, nor all natural, but it was tasty anyway. The kids played table shuffle board and we hung out eating our ice. Good thing we make critical mass all on our own.
19th-Jun-2018 10:10 am - Not everything is goose focused here.
We do do things besides hang out with the gosling around these parts.

I swear.

Though it does require 2 to 3 hours of human time each day right now. Luckily, On the Borderline and it's tiny nest box seem to do the trick the rest of the time.
18th-Jun-2018 04:55 pm - Halter and Leash.
16th-Jun-2018 09:51 am - Sling Baby.
Yes, this is a thing now.


This came about as a result of my remembering that we have a Con to go to in about a week. At three weeks old, the baby will be too young to leave alone for the weekend. Additionally, I am too overprotective to leave her in someone else's care.

When I showed hubby for the first time he told me I'd promised to not go crazy until the kids were grown. Oops. Best layed plans and all. When I told S what her Dad said, she had the same response I did, "Well, H is almost 18." Heh.
13th-Jun-2018 10:59 am - Cat and Gosling.
This morning while letting the gosling get some exercise, I had an unexpected addition.

New Kitty waltzed right up and sniffed the gosling before it even noticed her. Once it did notice, freak out ensued, and the cat settled at a distance.

Eventually New Kitty came closer to demand pets from me. At one point the gosling tried to pull on the fur on the cat's behind. This brought the baby to her attention, so the cat did some more sniffing.

The funniest part was when the gosling would get startled by the cat and try to run away. It would always run full circle around me and end up back at the cat.

Eventually they chilled and mostly ignored each other. I did have to shoo the cat once when she got into a stalking pose directed at the baby. She retired to a patch of weeds to recover her dignity.
12th-Jun-2018 09:36 am - Small Annoyances.
I host a gaming day each week at a local gaming store. Whenever I post about it on my homeschooling Facebook groups, I always include the day, time, cross streets, name of the store, city, and address. And yet, I will still, invariably, get the comments and messenger requests asking for the address and/or location.

Is reading comprehension just not a thing anymore?

Insult to injury, the folks asking these questions never seem to actually bother to show up.
11th-Jun-2018 09:27 am - One Week Old.
The gosling is alive and thriving. She* has bonded to the humans, and even likes my hubby (an event unprecedented in gosling history).

I tried moving her into a bigger box yesterday, but it was an utter disaster. Unless she was sleeping she demanded human attention all day long. Before bed I switched her back into her cramped quarters and she settled down as calm as can be. We decided the little box equalled safe nest, while the larger box must have equalled fun new place to explore as long as the mammas were there to keep her safe.

This morning I decided to give her some outside time. I knew she wouldn't range far, and that way I wouldn't have to worry about her running off the towel and hurting herself slipping on the tile.

Plus it's so much easier to get good photos outside.

*We don't know the sex of the gosling, referring to her as a girl is just wishful thinking on my part.
8th-Jun-2018 02:28 pm - Gosling.
Still alive, still growing.

We are very proud of it.

Admittedly, our standards are pretty low.
7th-Jun-2018 08:43 am - My Girls.
H is finishing up her second week of summer class; three weeks to go. ART100 is the prerequisite for basically any computer related art class H will want to take going forward. She's worried she won't pass (mostly because she's afraid of bombing the written test her teacher keeps hinting at), but I think she's underestimating herself. Besides, as is my nature, I've already assured her that worst case she takes the class from a different teacher in the fall.

Last night S and I went to our first, of an 8 class session, in flameworking with borosillicate glass. After four hours of trying to absorb how to work with a brand new, incredibly complex artform, we were both kind of burnt out. We'll see how the next seven weeks go, though neither of us think we've found our next passion. But, as S is inclined to point out to me, at least we're building memories, and we'll even have physical objects at the end to help with the remembering.
5th-Jun-2018 06:13 pm - We grew a gosling.
So, after the duck sat on the goose eggs for three and a half weeks, the goose took over. Then, three days ago I found this:

After watching the geese doing nothing besides looking at it then wandering off, I decided to intervene.

It took a few hours to get itself out of it's shell. The poor little thing kept flailing with it's one leg still in the shell just slipping against the smooth surface. I didn't want to help it because it looked like it was still partially attached to the shell by some gooey stuff and I was afraid of causing more harm than good.

Apparently all it needed was time to finish the transition, because eventually it achieved this:

I made a beanbag sock, microwaved it, and gave it to the gosling to snuggle up to. We started calling the beanbag, warm buddy .

We weren't sure the gosling would make it through that first night, and it took a couple of days for it to be strong enough to stand for more than a second, but three days later:

The baby doesn't seem to need warm buddy anymore to stay calm. Instead we play this version of On The Borderline for it on loop.

ETA: Since it was such touch and go for the first couple of days, I wasn't sure I did the right thing bringing the baby into the house. We decided that any more hatched goslings would be left for the geese to deal with. That was until I found a dead gosling in the nesting bucket this morning. Now I'm not sure what I'll do if I find any more live ones. This could get complicated.
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