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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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14th-Oct-2018 11:40 am - So this happened.
The other day S and I ended up in a fight. Instead of retreating to my corner (i.e. my room), I couldn't leave well enough alone and ended up going into S's room and planting myself on her bed. In an attempt to chase me out, S offered to paint my toes.

Instead of fleeing, I called her bluff.

Turns our S doesn't bluff.
9th-Oct-2018 10:04 am - Little Dragon.
S is making them smaller.

8th-Oct-2018 09:27 am - Pain
Off and on since CokoCon I have been struggling with my back. I suppose I don't heal as fast as I used to, plus I am incapable of not overdoing it once I start to feel improvement. Even so, last Thursday was the first time my back interfered in my getting a kid to a thing (C missed his first karate class in several months). It was frustrating. Part of my job is getting my kids to their things. Luckily, only one day got wrecked; since Friday was M's day off, he could get C to his teen/tween boy pool hang out.

My plan this weekend was to take it easy enough to be prepared for all the kid hauling this week. As far as my back goes, I did ok. It's only a little touchy and if it were my only problem I'd be okay this week.

Unfortunately my body has decided to throw a whole new problem my way. A new, and highly painful problem. Something is wrong with my upper thigh. It almost feels like muscle spasms or cramping. It fluctuates from a 2 to an 8 in pain almost at random. Unfortunately, because of my touchy back I can't lay in the most comfortable position for my leg, so the two injuries are probably trapped in a nasty feedback loop.

I realize, my leg could be back related, a pinched nerve type of thing, but if so I've never had this particular type of pinched nerve problem before.

I finally broke down and took some acetaminophen, so we'll see. Right now, C is stepping up by doing my morning animal work for me.

Stupid pain. Stupid body.
6th-Oct-2018 08:20 pm - Truck
S is 16, and once she can get some more driving practice in, she'll be our fourth licensed driver. We knew we'd need a fourth car soonish, but we really started feeling the pinch, once H began getting a consistent 5 nights a week at work*. It was becoming challenging to get hay, since H was primarily driving our only truck. Plus, it was getting harder to carve out time for S to get in that much needed driving practice.

So this followed us home, today:

*This is probably worthy of it's own post, but I am super proud of H for sticking with it and pulling out a success at work. She has been at her job for over a year, she's averaging over 20 hours a week, and she has been referred to by her manager as the "head cashier".
27th-Sep-2018 06:48 pm - Random.
Last day of the month at karate equals foot races and tails.

I think things are a little out of balance when I have to sort past 4 recycling containers before I can find one lousy trash receptacle.

Kavanaugh getting angry in defense of his wife, daughters, and his forever lost opportunities, made me respect him more, not question his ability to serve as a supreme court judge.

My dog having mild, but so far unsuccessfully treated, health issues is reminding me how much simpler things will be if I don't get another dog. Last weekend when he had a mild seizure, he reminded me how much we'd miss having a human focused dog like him, especially if he dies prematurely.

The cat can be a real bitch, especially when she decides to puke on my blanket and sheet, just because I ignored her when she bugged me before my alarm went off this morning.

It's nice that my son really likes my spaghetti sauce.

I'm impressed by my elder daughter's work ethic.

My younger daughter enjoyed having an hour long violin lesson this week.
25th-Sep-2018 04:46 pm - Cowboy Bebop Bongo Cat.

A link to a happy making video. It's only 36 seconds. It makes me smile.
20th-Sep-2018 12:50 pm - Goals.
I've heard that in order to achieve a goal, the first step is to write it down. Now, while the efficacy of this advice can be debated, for the purposes of this livejournal entry, I will embrace it.

I will be a hermit in six years.


*Deep Breath*

Much better.

This week I've had to social way too damn much. I've had measured, careful, pleasant conversations with several grown women, while striving to fulfill the task I have joyfully taken on of being a good homeschooling Mom.

I need to make nice with the mothers of kids, my kids want to hang out with. I did draw the line yesterday at entering the covered porch where ALL the mothers were gathered. I was happy to play the part of overprotective Mom, watching the kids swim, to keep me out of that potential hell.

In six years all my kids will be grown. I won't have to social for their sake anymore.

In six years I will be a hermit.
19th-Sep-2018 11:40 am - Art for Birthday Presents.
We have a double Birthday party coming up. One friend turning thirty something, and the daughter of another friend turning three.

Last year we were blindsided about the thirty something's Birthday, when we thought we were just attending the then two year old's party. As it so happened, I was still making octopus dice bags at the time, and had one nearly done, tucked away in the crochet bag I had with me; I spent most of the party finishing it up to give as a present to the adult Birthday girl.

This year the double nature of the party was included in the party description (in the form of a Facebook event, of course). Thanks to the borosilicate glass class S and I took this summer, I have a very generous supply of unique, hand crafted, pendants to give away.

For the three year old, we also went for unique and artsy (since the parents specifically asked for no toys for presents), but figured handing her a wad of glass wouldn't be the wisest course of action.

Instead, M and I commissioned a piece of art from H, representing the Birthday girl and her baby brother as ponnies. My Little Pony was listed among the three year old's interests in the party invite, and H is amazingly talented.

15th-Sep-2018 02:38 pm - C has a big heart.
Yesterday C overheard a conversation I was having with my Mom about one of her dogs that died a few months ago. Eddie was youngish, and had sudden onset of untreatable physical problems that led to him being put down. He was a very sweet dog and favorite of all of ours.

My Mom was feeling very sad in that moment, wishing she had indulged that very lovingly spoiled dog with more chicken when he was alive. C interrupted my failing attempts at comfort, by asking to talk to Grandma.

After being handed the phone, his sweet little twelve year old self very firmly told his Grandma that Eddie was a very good dog and she had given him an amazing life. He conveyed his love for her and Grandpa, then handed me back the phone.
13th-Sep-2018 12:26 pm - Aaron Watson
I've been listening to Glenn Beck podcasts lately, since I recently figured out I can stream them through iHeartRadio with zero data cost.

Today he featured a Country music artist I'd never heard of before. Now, Glenn is in Texas, and this particular artist is very Texas, so I could see their connection.

The interview made me curious enough to check out his stuff. The big push was for a live album recorded at the Houston rodeo last year. They put off releasing it because of the hurricane. Now they are donating $1.41 per download to help the families still struggling. The .41 is because 41 counties in Texas were affected by the hurricane (that bit of info was brand new to me).

I checked out the live album first and I really like this song, but my general opinion is that while he has good story in his songs and he has a voice for country, he is a little too rock and roll for me. Still, he has a violin in his band. Since S has been learning violin I pay attention for songs with violin to share with her.

I gave her my phone for a while to give him a listen.

She highly approved.

Then she pointed out that I should try his non live albums. Yup. She was right. I love this song. It starts out sweet and then gets better. Then, keep listening, it gets even better. Click the link, it's worth three and a half minutes of your time.
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