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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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21st-Aug-2016 12:12 pm - A Pokémon Outing.
S and I went Poké hunting the other day after picking up our new glasses from the optometrist.

We went to the park we used to call the duck park, and discovered they put in new playground equipment.


This particular play structure also turned out to be a Poké gym. It was the second one we took out and put our own pokémon in. I collected my 20 coins right away, but S decided to gamble and wait till we took out one more gym to collect her reward.

After refilling our waters we trekked out into the desert in search of disc golf hole number seven. We were victorious and S got her 30 coins. We also got coins for H and C that day.
15th-Aug-2016 12:37 pm - Chicken Mug Shots.
We only have six chickens left, and most of them are pretty long in the tooth, so I figured updated photos might be in order.

This is S's White Rock rooster Undead (also sometimes referred to as Silent Death or more recently Mr. Scary Bird). He is the sole survivor of a batch of 3 chickens we got almost 4 years ago.

Living in the same pen with Undead are the following four hens.

H's Silver Wyandotte Loo Loo Loo, 6.5 years old - from the last flock we got while still at the old house, a set of three that are all still alive.

S's Barred Rock Nutsy Rose, 6.5 years old.

C's Buff Orpington - he has two and I can no longer tell them apart, so this one is either Jumpy who is almost 6 years old, or Goldie Feather who is 6.5 years old.

The Americana Pepper/Black and White Rainbow, almost 6 years old. She's the only chicken laying eggs for me anymore.

This last hen lives with the geese. She got moved in with them to recover from an injury caused by the rooster and agravated by one of the hens. She recovered beautifully, decided she liked it there, and has stayed in that yard ever since.

The other Buff Orpington.
Last night as C and I were getting the birds ready for nightime (ducks in the duck house, Wobbles and his girls in the night pen), the ducks kept settling down near the gate to the night pen. I figured they wanted to be closer to Wobbles and his girls, so C and I decided to put everyone in the duck house together.

We added extra waters and food so that in whatever part of the pen the ducks clustered, they'd have access. The ducks seemed no more upset by the extra occupants than they are of their house in general, so we left everyone in for the night.

This morning everyone was fine, so it looks like putting all waterfowl away in the duck house will be the new night routine.

The experience seems to have improved day time interactions with the birds as well. Wobbles and Wet Neck are actually waiting for Yang to finish her swim before taking a turn. Also, Yang is completely calm about the geese being so close to her.
3rd-Aug-2016 01:49 pm - Ground Squirrel.
The dogs were going crazy over the something trapped under the tiles at the base of the goose yard fence. I could hear it squeek. I thought bird, C thought rat. Dogs thought whatever it was, it was not worth letting up about until they got it.

We finally soaked the area (C's idea), were able to move the tiles, and let loose the massively huge ground squirrel trapped underneath. Arrow nabbed it, and with the judicious use of a shovel, I finished it off.

Phew, finally Hazel stopped barking.
13th-Jul-2016 08:19 pm - Pokémon GO
Bringing siblings together. And getting us out of the house.

Notice the fist in the air to celebrate the successful capture of a Cubone.
7th-Jul-2016 11:24 am - Coinbash Comics
This is the launch of C's new tumblr stick figure comic.

He was inspired to start drawing his comic by the artist guest of honor at LepreCon. Jennie Breeden gave a talk about how to make a go at writing an online comic and step one was start. Draw and post your comic even if you think you're not ready; get your work out there. C took her words to heart and started drawing his stick figure guys the next day. He decided to start posting his comics on July 4th, with a special scene drawn for that day. He plans to release a new comic every Monday.
30th-Jun-2016 12:53 pm - The Ducklings Have Started Laying!

Tiny little duck eggs!

I found three eggs in the ducklings' night pen when I let them out today (I took the picture by the water for perspective). New egg layers always start off with smaller eggs; the eggs get larger as they mature.

Baby egg on left, mature duck egg on right (Fang's).

A picture of the new ducks, since I haven't posted one of them in a while.
28th-Jun-2016 02:54 pm - Harry Potter
Presents from our friend A.

27th-Jun-2016 01:39 pm - LepreCon 42
I had a really good time at LepreCon this year. It felt like they really stepped up their game from last year. I made a shield, steam punked up a water pistol (with a method called rub and buff), had my own concert (11 in the audience, a record for this Con), participated in a really fun nerf game run by a member of the Manticoran navy), bought some art in the dealers room (I got outbid on the pieces I wanted from the art show), and went button crazy.

16th-Jun-2016 03:41 pm(no subject)
C told me about a mnemonic device (he used that term), for remembering the order of the planets, he learned from Stampylongnose's learning channel.

After chatting a bit about it, C asked me to write the planets down in a random order, so he could use that method to write them in the proper order.

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