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11th-Feb-2017 11:03 am - C's Fabulous Day.
C had a great day, yesterday. At S's teen park day he managed to find a perfect slope for trying out his Christmas present from H - an old skateboard of hers. He quickly mastered staying on the whole way down while standing and crouching. He even went down once laying on his back - a trick he said he learned from one of the skater computer games he likes to play. C let me and S have a go before we left. S crashed on her second try and was done, but after I successfully made it down, she decided she would go again so she could defeat the hill.

Later C, H, and I went for a walk/ride. C rode on Junior, and H and I walked on our own two feet. C made Junior canter for several long stretches. Near the end of the ride, C was sore enough to be done, so H took a turn on Junior.


I'm glad she did something fun, since she had a rough morning. She took her first stab at the driving test, and was defeated by the three point turn before she could even leave the parking lot. They had some weird cone set up we weren't expecting, thus H had no experience navigating. We had her practice 3 point turns on the road in real world situations, not in a freaking cone maze.

After dinner, M took C with him to a local park to Poké hunt. They defeated several gyms (C's favorite part of the game) and C caught enough Exeggcutes (thanks to the special event for Valentine's) to evolve two Exeggutor.

A couple of hours before bed I helped C get into a new game - Naruto online. Last I heard he had Shikamaru in his group - he came out of a card, but isn't very strong yet.

ETA: Good thing yesterday was such a good day; today, C and I have come down sick.
29th-Jan-2017 02:07 pm - Catan
C played a giant version of Settlers of Catan at the last Con we went to. He really loved it. I hadn't played it before and didn't really expect it to be the sort of game he could just slip into with zero experience and end up understanding and enjoying.

I was wrong.

We ended up getting him the regular sized game (updated with the shortened name Catan) for his birthday. It was way more fun than I expected. Down side - limit 4 players and easily takes 4-6 hours to play. Upside - everyone in the house likes this game, even H who usually avoids strategy games (it's more resource management, than straight strategy, which helps).

Pictured is M's first time playing (orange), me (red), S (white), and C (blue). Even though at this moment, I have longest road (worth 2 victory points), in a few more turns, C gets it back, upgrades a settlement to a city, and wins.
28th-Jan-2017 02:47 pm - Outside Chicken Time.

S(front) and H.

The chicks enjoy outside time, happily eating rocks and green stuff. They don't wander far, though.
27th-Jan-2017 11:46 am - My Current Obsession.

S and C have been watching the anime off and on for a couple of years. Glancing at it over their shoulders every once in a while never gave me a true appreciation for the depth of it's characters nor the breadth of it's story. It really just looked like another light weight anime with a boastful annoying main character.

Since the first several seasons of Naruto are on Netflix, I decided to try watching it. Mostly this decision came about as H and I listened to an incomprehensible conversation S and C were having in front of us in the kitchen one night. They were cheerfully and energetically discussing some aspects of the show and as far as H and I were converned they might as well have been speaking a foreign language.

As it turns out, I really loved the show. The main character wasn't as two dimensional as I thought. He also had a compelling backstory I hadn't grasped from only peeking in every once in a while. After talking with someone at our Rec Center after karate about Naruto, I decided to check out some of the manga. I loved it even more than the anime. Now I have something new to spend some of my frivolous money on.
20th-Jan-2017 03:43 pm - "It's Raining on my Birthday!"

Rainy, cold B-Day for C. I'm in socks, lots of layers, and uncomfortable. C is super excited about the weather and still running around barefoot.

C requested brownies, instead of cake for his birthday. I wrote out the words and S decorated the rest with all the cute little dragons.

C and I went to the local Chinese food joint for lunch, and I'm making him his favorite for dinner - my lemon/lime chicken.

13th-Jan-2017 06:37 pm - Zoo Lights.

S and H.



Just me and the girls this year. I really like my pictures of the girls taking pictures.

ETA: More pictures.

13th-Jan-2017 01:51 pm - Lap Chickens.
12th-Jan-2017 03:49 pm - Chicken Ninja.
C seems to have surpassed his genin level training with his mastery of this chicken summoning jutsu. Still, it's only a baby. He obviously needs to work on his chakra control.

2nd-Jan-2017 08:42 pm - Birthday.


M took H out for a lunch at a local place that gives you a free lunch for your birthday. He made sure she got a slice of their lemon cake. Then M took H shoe shopping - a torturous experience for both of them, but H found a pair of shoes she should be able to go on walks in, and bonus points for them being discounted and on clearance.

We had burritos for dinner, did presents, then cake. Foxie was from me and M. H is very easy for me to shop for, but, then again, I'm rather old and would still be happy to get a stuffie for a present. H's grandma has trouble getting past H's aversion to most jewelry, but she did manage to rally this year with a very nice music box from Germany.
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