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Chickens and Unschooling
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5th-Dec-2016 12:31 pm - Dragons.
S has been working with clay again.


14th-Nov-2016 02:44 pm - I got a Shiney.

George R. R. Martin was the author guest of honor at TusCon this year. I got a children's book M picked up for me at Bookmans, signed. I've never stood in line for a book signing for such a high profile author before. They were very organized and efficient, even had a guy to snap pictures for you with your phone if you wanted, but standing in a line that long made me feel a little silly. Possibly adding to my embarrassment, I was dressed up as the Red Woman from Game of Thrones. It was a hastily assembled cosplay, after M found me a discounted Halloween costume of a long, flowy, red dress a week before the convention.

When it was my turn, George R. R. Martin asked, "How are you?" I struck a pose, and replied, "The night is dark and full of terrors." He then looked up, paused, smiled, and said, "The Red Woman, impressive." After signing my book, he fished in his pocket, pulled out a coin and set it on the table.

I got a shiney! It made everything absolutely worth it.
13th-Nov-2016 03:26 pm - Virtual Reality Visor.
The kids spent some time in the gaming room this TusCon.

All three loved the VR system.


C played a lot of computer games, he especially liked Overwatch, a first person shooter with some melee combat.

He also tried The Oculus Rift, and according to C, it sucked. He said this was mostly due to it not having any good games on it, though.

ETA: I almost forgot to add the best quote of the weekend. S, while in a VR solar system, "Aww, I can't pick up the sun."
9th-Nov-2016 04:08 pm - Weird day.
So, apparently Donald Trump is the new president elect.


Here's a duck picture.

29th-Oct-2016 08:09 pm - Jack-o-lanterns.


25th-Oct-2016 04:22 pm - Dragons and Dungeons.
The kids have, for as long as we've played video games, created imaginary plot lines and characters, to play what came to be known as a game in a game. It began with me playing through the games the kids couldn't master themselves and eventually transitioned to the kids on the controllers, playing without needing my input. The various Spyro games were some of their favorites. So, from as far back as the kids can remember, they developed dragon characters, many with detailed appearances, personalities, back stories, and voices.

A few months back, H got bored with the game and added dice rolls to makes some of the decisions in the progression of the story. This immediately became a hit with S and C, and Dragons and Dungeons (what was originally a joke name, but it stuck) was born. H then spent a good deal of time creating character sheets, figuring out game dynamics, and generally preparing to transition the dragon adventures from a video game, to a table top role playing game.

She even made boxes to represent the two dragons S and C each rolled up to be their characters for the game. I made some alterations to the boxes, and our box dragons were born.

After a trip to Walmart for some magnet strips, they became refrigerator box dragons.

They still work for gaming figures, and after a long break because of being sick, H was finally ready to run a game for her brother and sister.

13th-Oct-2016 11:21 am - Horse and Goose.

We got Wobbles from the neighbor on the day he was hatched. He lived in the house with Speedy, his hatchmate, till they were 3 weeks old. They were pretty huge by then, and I was overwhelmed with the work of moving and managing two houses, so moving them out seemed like the best idea at the time. I think I broke their hearts a little bit when I did and I've regreted that decision for the past 6 and a half years. H spent a ton of time with them, laying on the grass with them sleeping on her, and as a result Wobbles fell in love with her. To this day he will follow her around, honking in a soft special honk. As the other two kids aged and got as tall as H was when we got the geese, Wobbles added them to his list of prefered humans (whereas, when my son was 4, Wobbles was really vicious with him, biting at any opportunity). As for me, even though I am the one who feeds and waters him everyday, I will forever be known as the evil egg stealer.

Within a week of putting the geese in the yard, we got Ezra, our first horse. He was without a herd, and the geese were at an impressionable age, so somehow the giant thoroughbred, and the scrawny young geese bonded.

We're pretty sure in Wobbles mind he is half goose, half human, and half horse (and I know that is too many halves, but he is a rather mixed up goose, so he needs an extra half mixed in).
3rd-Oct-2016 04:28 pm - Birthday.
Happy Birthday S.


Thanks to M, we have a fancy double layer round cake. H decorated it, and since S is sick, she gets a frosting mound covered in candles to blow out.
19th-Sep-2016 07:07 pm - Epic Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts on this most auspicious of days. As S calls it: the best holiday ever, you get free donuts and you get to dress up in a goofy costume.

S, C, H (the production end was visible at each store, very cool donut making process).

We hit up three different Krispy Kremes. Our hastily gathered costumes (I only came up with this plan this morning) landed us a haul of 12 dozen free glazed donuts. We dropped two off with some friends, after realizing we were going to literally drive past their street on our way to the third store.

After pirating, we stopped by a park H wanted to show us. Wow, it has amazing play structures.

H and C.




C, S, H (the black spots in the background are birds).

When we were pulling into our drive after eating nothing but donuts all day, H put her head down and said she now understands what a sugar crash feels like.
14th-Sep-2016 12:45 pm - On a lighter note.
You never know where a Pokémon will spawn.

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