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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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10th-Feb-2016 02:10 pm - First Goose Egg of the Year.


First egg layed in these parts since the great duck slaughter of 2015.

3rd-Feb-2016 06:28 pm - Mud.
Always a fun time when you're a kid.

22nd-Jan-2016 09:19 pm - Riparian Preserve.
We went to a new park for S's Teen group park day today.

Interesting place.

S and C.

After texting pictures to H she wished she had decided to come with us.
11th-Jan-2016 01:45 am - Zoo Lights
Only the girls and I went this year. When I asked C if he wanted to go, he responded along the lines of, "Oh, more lights."

I gave S my phone to take pictures, and we walked the route twice. Other than being disturbed by all the changes made to the zoo in the at least 5 years since we had been there last, we had a really good time.

Hubby and I took H and C to the outdoor gun-range, that's about an hour south of our house, on December 30th. S didn't go because it involved getting up early. C's favorite was the little bolt action 22 used on the paper hostage targets. He particularly liked making head shots on the bad guy. H's favorite was the semi-auto 22 pistol. She also enjoyed the hostage paper targets as well as Hubby's new knock over targets that go ding and fall over when you hit them. I scavenged about 10 lbs of brass from the neighboring pistol bay.

Our Labrador, Hazel, doesn't like the fireworks folks have been setting off around here since New Year's Eve. The other two aren't bothered by it at all.

The Brittany, Arrow, has been very good about the geese lately. Even though I have accidentally left him and them out at the same time on several occasions in the past few weeks, he has not chased, nor harassed them even once. I don't expect this good behavior to last, but I am relieved the geese have not been harmed by my absentmindedness.

The neighbors invited us to a New Years Eve block party. Fist block party we've had in these parts since we moved here nearly 6 years ago. It was mucking freezing that night.

The three kids have been playing Super Smash Bros. a lot lately, that game has staying power.

I cut C's hair and he is thrilled, because now he has "anime hair".

We gave H a phone for her Birthday this year, and it was met with much surprise and glee.
27th-Dec-2015 05:44 pm - Junior earning his keep.
H, C, and I each took a turn at riding junior today.

C actually took several turns. He was having a particularly fun time riding, because on one of his runs towards the hay pen, Junior decided to canter for C. As C told me afterwards, "Junior decided to level me up."

C can now consistently canter Junior, as long as he has him pointed at the horse pens.
25th-Dec-2015 10:48 am - Merry Christmas.
24th-Dec-2015 09:21 am - Mormon Temple Lights.
It had been so long since we last went, that C and S didn't remember and H only had vague memories. Definitely overdue. S took most, if not all, of the photos with my phone.

21st-Dec-2015 04:44 pm - New Project.
My super fantabulous hubby is building us an owl proof house for the duck. It should be large enough to house any new ducks we get next year.

17th-Dec-2015 12:03 pm - And then there was One.
We got our first ducks in 2011. This came about after a particularly hot couple of weeks that killed some of our chickens. We ended up mail ordering them, because we wanted female layers and all the ones at the feed stores are straight run, and generally Pekin or Mallard.

Our first batch were two Runners, one Khaki Campbell, and one Golden Hybrid 300.

A couple of years ago the Fawn and White Runner duck died of unknown, possibly illness related, causes. We did not suspect predators, and until about three weeks ago I don't think we've had a predator problem in the nearly 6 years since we moved here.

Last night the other three were slaughtered. I found them, along with one of the only two remaining ducks from the batch we got last year, missing their heads and necks. Four dead ducks in one day was overwhelming.

Fang, the new Fawn and White Runner duck, yellowest puffball in the following photo, is the only duck left.

A few days ago we still had six. Then, the Welsh Harlequin disappeared without a trace. After yesterdays slaughter, our best guess of predator is owl. So far, no geese, nor chickens have been attacked.
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