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Chickens and Unschooling
Learning through living
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19th-Sep-2016 07:07 pm - Epic Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts on this most auspicious of days. As S calls it: the best holiday ever, you get free donuts and you get to dress up in a goofy costume.

S, C, H (the production end was visible at each store, very cool donut making process).

We hit up three different Krispy Kremes. Our hastily gathered costumes (I only came up with this plan this morning) landed us a haul of 12 dozen free glazed donuts. We dropped two off with some friends, after realizing we were going to literally drive past their street on our way to the third store.

After pirating, we stopped by a park H wanted to show us. Wow, it has amazing play structures.

H and C.




C, S, H (the black spots in the background are birds).

When we were pulling into our drive after eating nothing but donuts all day, H put her head down and said she now understands what a sugar crash feels like.
14th-Sep-2016 12:45 pm - On a lighter note.
You never know where a Pokémon will spawn.

10th-Sep-2016 04:09 pm - Tournament Results.

S tied for second in weapons.

S tied for third in forms.

S placed in sparring.

S got first in Sword.
10th-Sep-2016 01:10 pm - Karate tournament today.

The waiting, always the waiting.
9th-Sep-2016 11:51 pm - Open Beta and a Pirate Dragon
M and I managed a night out to a pirate themed street event. The reason we went was to see Open Beta, and they did not disappoint.

It would have been better if it was less hot out and if I had brought an extra bottle of water. There was, however, plenty of PokémonGo action while we enjoyed the show.

I brought my dragon along, since it seemed like the sort of place to do so. The girls rigged up a last minute eye patch for him, since it was a pirate themed event. I didn't think to add the bandana until after we were already there, so he didn't get to sport the full costume this time around.

3rd-Sep-2016 11:35 am - Stained Glass Angel.
It's been a while since I shared any of H's art on here. She has been making incredible progress at learning to draw humans - something she's been working at with fierce determination this past year. This particular drawing, her first attempt at creating a stained glass effect, is one of my current favorites.

The original is linked here.
27th-Aug-2016 08:02 pm - Split Forces.
Hubby took the girls to watch the latest Captain America movie at the discount theatre, so C and I went Poké hunting.

21st-Aug-2016 12:12 pm - A Pokémon Outing.
S and I went Poké hunting the other day after picking up our new glasses from the optometrist.

We went to the park we used to call the duck park, and discovered they put in new playground equipment.


This particular play structure also turned out to be a Poké gym. It was the second one we took out and put our own pokémon in. I collected my 20 coins right away, but S decided to gamble and wait till we took out one more gym to collect her reward.

After refilling our waters we trekked out into the desert in search of disc golf hole number seven. We were victorious and S got her 30 coins. We also got coins for H and C that day.
15th-Aug-2016 12:37 pm - Chicken Mug Shots.
We only have six chickens left, and most of them are pretty long in the tooth, so I figured updated photos might be in order.

This is S's White Rock rooster Undead (also sometimes referred to as Silent Death or more recently Mr. Scary Bird). He is the sole survivor of a batch of 3 chickens we got almost 4 years ago.

Living in the same pen with Undead are the following four hens.

H's Silver Wyandotte Loo Loo Loo, 6.5 years old - from the last flock we got while still at the old house, a set of three that are all still alive.

S's Barred Rock Nutsy Rose, 6.5 years old.

C's Buff Orpington - he has two and I can no longer tell them apart, so this one is either Jumpy who is almost 6 years old, or Goldie Feather who is 6.5 years old.

The Americana Pepper/Black and White Rainbow, almost 6 years old. She's the only chicken laying eggs for me anymore.

This last hen lives with the geese. She got moved in with them to recover from an injury caused by the rooster and agravated by one of the hens. She recovered beautifully, decided she liked it there, and has stayed in that yard ever since.

The other Buff Orpington.
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