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Chickens and Unschooling
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13th-Jul-2016 08:19 pm - Pokémon GO
Bringing siblings together. And getting us out of the house.

Notice the fist in the air to celebrate the successful capture of a Cubone.
7th-Jul-2016 11:24 am - Coinbash Comics
This is the launch of C's new tumblr stick figure comic.

He was inspired to start drawing his comic by the artist guest of honor at LepreCon. Jennie Breeden gave a talk about how to make a go at writing an online comic and step one was start. Draw and post your comic even if you think you're not ready; get your work out there. C took her words to heart and started drawing his stick figure guys the next day. He decided to start posting his comics on July 4th, with a special scene drawn for that day. He plans to release a new comic every Monday.
30th-Jun-2016 12:53 pm - The Ducklings Have Started Laying!

Tiny little duck eggs!

I found three eggs in the ducklings' night pen when I let them out today (I took the picture by the water for perspective). New egg layers always start off with smaller eggs; the eggs get larger as they mature.

Baby egg on left, mature duck egg on right (Fang's).

A picture of the new ducks, since I haven't posted one of them in a while.
28th-Jun-2016 02:54 pm - Harry Potter
Presents from our friend A.

27th-Jun-2016 01:39 pm - LepreCon 42
I had a really good time at LepreCon this year. It felt like they really stepped up their game from last year. I made a shield, steam punked up a water pistol (with a method called rub and buff), had my own concert (11 in the audience, a record for this Con), participated in a really fun nerf game run by a member of the Manticoran navy), bought some art in the dealers room (I got outbid on the pieces I wanted from the art show), and went button crazy.

16th-Jun-2016 03:41 pm(no subject)
C told me about a mnemonic device (he used that term), for remembering the order of the planets, he learned from Stampylongnose's learning channel.

After chatting a bit about it, C asked me to write the planets down in a random order, so he could use that method to write them in the proper order.

6th-Jun-2016 04:03 pm - Swimming Pool.
C was eagerly awaiting the return of his sisters from their BayCon road trip with M. I had promised a visit to the pool with S and him the weekend after they returned, as long as S was up for it. H loves swimming, but her skin does not love chlorine, so she never goes with us unless the pool in question is salt. S had a cold going into the road trip, so I wasn't sure how quickly she'd recover from 8 days of traveling plus being sick. They returned late Wednesday, so, even though it was hovering around 115 on Saturday and Sunday, I was prepared to fulfill my promise yesterday or the day before.

As it turns out, S collected an extra cold from her trip, so it looks like she'll be out of commission for the rest of this week.

C took me up on my offer to take him by himself to the pool today (not as much fun as having a sister along, but it beats putting it off indefinitely). So, even though I'm fairly certain I'm at the beginning stages of at least one of those previously mentioned colds, I'm sitting in the 109 degree heat at the pool.

At least they have free WiFi, and it's not 115.
26th-May-2016 10:36 am - Zoo trip from January.
I realized I still had some pictures on my phone from our January zoo trip. It seemed reasonable to turn some of them into a post before I downloaded and deleted them.

Our zoo has a nice area for it's flamingos. It's resonably quiet and not in a super busy spot (unlike the San Diego zoo, that puts them front and center at the entrance, where the crowd gets an impressive sight and the flamingos get stressed - unless they've finally changed that, I haven't been there in a very long time).

Even better, though, is that there is a cool little area for flamingoes, off a side path, that is even quieter and more secluded than the main pen most people know about.

H, S, C, and our friend A.

And this is where they hide the babies!

25th-May-2016 03:25 pm - Fun with static electricity.


C has excellent hair to charge up the balloons.
18th-May-2016 04:50 pm - Today.
So the kids are all outside.




I'll let that sink in.

They are playing a version of a game H learned about during her one year as a Girl Scout. Extreme statue feather duster, water challenge (we flooded today). The extreme and water were definitely added by my kids, not the girl scout troop.

Earlier they were all playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl together.

Before that H and S recorded three episodes of their new Youtube series Town of Salem (For anyone interested enough to follow a link, this is their first episode). H is the editor on these, so other that a little technical support from me, it is all their efforts. S was super excited about the chance to record, because today was the rare day that the kids had nothing scheduled.

I've been getting S up at 9am everyday for the past two weeks in preparation for her conditional black belt testing this Saturday. Last night C asked me to get him up at 9am, too, so he could get the living-room computer (the only desktop we have for the kids to use), but he accidentally fell back to sleep for a little while after I woke him, so he missed his shot. He was remarkably cheerful about it, especially considering how bloody early in the morning it was.

Weirdly pleasant, peaceful, productive day today. (ETA: At least until I cursed it by saying so on livejournal - kids just came in fighting, right after I typed that last sentence).
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