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24th-May-2015 05:31 pm - Pictures of Used Up Treasures.
There is hoarding in our genetics. My son used to have a very hard time letting go of anything. Then we stumbled upon the idea of taking a picture of the thing that had achieved the status of too damaged to keep, but still held value to him in his heart and mind.

Here are three things we had to let go in the past month.

He has very little problem anymore letting go, as long as we get the picture first. Also, if there happens to be a spider web on the item, it gets to be gone super fast, as far as he is concerned
C was sick last week, so he skipped his karate (H and I still went to ours).

S tested for (and got) her low brown belt last week. She's been slowly recovering from an upper respiratory type cold that I probably gave her.

On Sunday, H had a complete blast at her last 4-H event for the year. Bowling and Laser Tag. The laser tag was a lucky addition for the last hour, to make up for a problem with the bowling lane the group was trying to use.

Yesterday H threw up (same as C's illness from last week). She was really glad the timing of her illness didn't mess up the 4-H thing.
I am so not looking forward to my facebook feed filling up with political crap for the next forever. It's already started, and I shudder at the pro-whoever ads, that always make me think they are anti-whoever ads before I realize who posted or liked them. Maybe some family should be set to acquaintance for a while....
18th-Apr-2015 11:01 am - Haircut


11th-Apr-2015 07:02 pm - County Fair

C's favorite ride. He brought his own money special to pay for it (they don't take ride wrist bands, just cash).

ETA: Apparently they also take credit. Just saw someone pay for a turn with a credit card. They paid by swiping it through a do-hicky attached to the merchant's phone.

Twitch twitch.
There was much squeeing in our household.

After watching the standard MLP double episode season opener, then listening to this beautiful original song by MandoPony (inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's), H's brain became inspired.

27th-Mar-2015 09:14 am - Random so I have a post in March.
For fear of actually getting through March with zero posts, I place one here today.

M and I are off for the great tree swap (M gets a free random nectarine as long as he'll dig it up and plant it's replacement), then a late breakfast out.

Later I will take S and C to S's park day while H gets some precious time on the much coveted living room computer.

Then I will likely spend much of the evening trying to get some rest to try to continue to recover from what we're starting to suspect has been a month and a half fight with a virus.
I recently made a Twitter account.


I figured I was due, and since I have a phone I can take decent pictures with now, it would be an easy thing to do Twitter type stuff from my phone (certainly easier than posting to livejournal on my phone, like I'm trying to do now). Short and sweet with lots of photos. Well, I have gotten a frustratingly large number of error messages when tying to tweet pictures from my phone. The thing is, it's just inconsistent enough to keep me trying, rather than just throwing up my hands and completely giving up on the whole process.

For now, my livejournal gets to benefit from the long string of error messages I recieved just a little while ago.

So here is happy duck flood day.


The geese were rather enjoying themselves as well.

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