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25th-Nov-2015 10:13 pm - Cranberry Sauce.
Every year, for the past several years, I have made (generally with the help of one or both girls) fresh cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. I love fresh cranberry sauce and it is ridiculously easy to make.

So far, though, we have never managed to use the same recipe twice in a row. This is mostly because by the time a whole year has rolled around we can't remember what exact recipe we used, nor can we remember if any of the variations have led to a superior tasting cranberry sauce. Depending on the recipe on the bag of cranberries is unreliable. I haven't always purchased the same brand of berries, and sometimes, even with the same brand, the recipe on the package changed from year to year.

That brings us to this year:

12 oz cranberries.
1.5 cups sugar (.5 cup more than last year).
.5 cup orange juice (we've tried orange juice ones before, but with less sugar added).
.5 cup water.

Dissolve sugar in water and orange juice by boiling for 5 mins.
Add sorted and rinsed berries.
Cook, stirring, for 10 mins, then reduce heat and sim w/o stirring for 5 mins.

This year H was sick, so S helped me. I decided to do a better job of record keeping this year, in the hopes of some day settling on a set recipe.
22nd-Nov-2015 02:45 pm - Not Bad For His First Day.


First 4-h Shooting Sports meeting with the weather cooperating enough for them to do archery.

H was too sick to go, so C ended up using her bow with it lightened a couple of notches.
18th-Nov-2015 04:20 pm - And then there were Six.
RIP - Soft Spot, C's Blue runner duck.

RIP - Castiel, my Black runner duck.

Found both birds today. Neither were next to a border fence (thus ruling out neighbor dogs). Soft Spot was intact, in the area the horses can access, so at first I thought she might have been accidentally kicked or stepped on. That was until I did a headcount of the remaining ducks and found Cas. She was on a lower level of the bird yard, missing her head and neck. So, it looks like for the first time in the five and a half years we've been at this property, we have a predator problem.

As sad as it is to lose birds, what bothers me the most is I don't know that whatever did this won't keep coming back. We do not have predator proof pens to lock the birds in at night.
15th-Nov-2015 12:29 pm - Scanner Pics
H asked me the other day to try to get the scanner working again. While she is getting really good at using her art program, she has lately started spending a lot more time sketching on paper. She has a good number of pictures she wants to get online, thus the need for the scanner. As it turns out, there was nothing really needed, besides clearing off all the junk that had piled on top of it in the past few months. Oh, and the dust *cough* *cough* the dust.

This was probably from at least 6 months back, since I found it in the scanner, along with a few other pages, obviously waiting to be scanned. I love the ear rings.
12th-Nov-2015 12:06 pm - Lots of Cake
S had a Birthday a while back. She became my second teenager. Damn, I've been at this livejournal business for a long time.

By an accidental scheduling mistake on my part, we ended going to a friends' house to play board games on the afternoon of S's Birthday. As a result, we planned to have a cake in the morning for our family celebration, then bring cupcakes to the friends house for more celebration.

(Cupcakes for sharing)

I did indeed succeed in making double cake. We successfully navigated our way to the friends' house. We played a game of Dr. Who Clue, then the kids spent the rest of the time chasing each other around the house and playing a sort of teams keep away with a ball.

As it turned out, since we aren't terribly good with mornings around these parts, we ended up doing the family cake and presents late in the evening after getting back home.

(One of the shinys, S got from her Grandma)
11th-Nov-2015 07:11 pm - Philosophical.
Facebook can be hard to read sometimes. Everyone puts their shiniest moments on their walls. All the perfection polished up pretty, with no hint about the chaos lurking in the corners.
10th-Nov-2015 12:13 am - C and a dog.
C loves animals. He has plans to have a cow some day, so he can give me fresh milk. He also has plans to get a dog when he is a grown up. The particular type of dog he wants changes with each subsequent sweet dog he meets. A couple of months ago he wanted a miniature poodle, after meeting a neighbors very sweet puppy.

That lasted until the latest EVHT park day.

Now he wants a Great Dane.
7th-Nov-2015 12:34 am - Musicals
Went the see The Book of Mormon with my sweetie.

Last month we saw Wicked at the same theatre.

I enjoyed them both immensely, though it was extra nice that for The Book of Mormon I wasn't suffering from a high fever.
5th-Nov-2015 12:18 pm - Lazy Ass Horse
It's been a tough couple of weeks, most of the details of which I will not got into here. The one aspect I will mention is the kids are sick. This seems to be a whopper of an illness, too, so I expect a couple more weeks of sick kids before they work it out of their systems. We're talking missing karate class sick.

In the meantime, I do realize I have been woefully neglecting my livejournal of late. So to get back into the swing of things posting wise, and to tide you over until more of my emotional energy returns, I give you Lazy Ass Horse:

About a month ago I let the horses out on the grass. Ezra proceeded to roll on the grass, as is often his way. The difference being, this time he didn't get back up right away. Instead, he started nibbling on the grass while still laying down. Thus giving me time enough to snap the above photo.
This year, C is finally old enough to join 4-h as a proper member, rather than just a Cloverbud. When we mentioned the opportunity to him last month, he wasn't sure he wanted to sign up. After yesterday's meeting, and three turns with the air-rifle, he was very pleased we'd talked him into giving it a trial go.


H and C.

This is C's forth year in 4-h (he took one year off from being a Cloverbud last year). H also signed up for 4-h this year, that was basically a given, since she really enjoys hanging out with the folks in this 4-h group. This will be H's fifth year in 4-h and her fifth year doing shooting sports.
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